Goodbye to the City of Roses

100_7805— Matt Nelson

With UNI’s loss and the end of their time in the NCAA Tournament, we’re heading back to Eastern Iowa.

Thanks to all who followed KCRG’s coverage of Northern Iowa in the “Big Dance!”


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UNI’s Season Ends

100_7772— Matt Nelson

Northern Iowa’s outstanding season came to an end today in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament with a loss to Purdue. Down 12 points at halftime the Panthers fought back, but just didn’t have enough. 61-56 the final.

Look for Panther coverage tonight on the TV9 News at 5, 6, and 10 as well as on

Don’t forget to tune into KCRG for complete coverage of NCAA Wrestling from St. Louis starting today, as well as the Iowa Women in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Their first game is Sunday vs. Georgia Tech.

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Twitter, Twitter, Twitter

100_7811— Matt Nelson

Look for some periodic scoring updates during today’s game at my Twitter page. Available here. 

(I never work as hard as this picture implies. As George Costanza would say, if you look frustrated, people will think you are working really hard.)

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“Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain”

100_7814— Matt Nelson

If you look closely while watching NCAA Tournament games on television, you will see lots of blue carpets and table coverings bordering the court. That’s just the beginning.

Here’s a look at all of the other blue curtains in the arena. At left is a photo of where we take feeds of the games. The NCAA does not permit us to shoot the game, so we take video and audio feeds just like every other station.

There are also plenty of blue curtains set for the press conference rooms.

Blue curtains. They are unavoidable at NCAA Tournament sites.100_7812

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Getting Ready In Portland

100_7773— Matt Nelson

We’re under 4 hours until tipoff of Northern Iowa and Purdue at the Rose Garden.

They’re expecting big crowds at this tournament site. Portland hasn’t hosted the NCAA Tournament since 1983 (Correction – Last time in Oregon was ’83, last time in Portland was ’75!). Washington and Gonzaga playing here will also help attendance numbers.

We’ll be heading over to the Rose Garden on the Media Shuttle in a little while. Look for more updates throughout the day!

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“Does Anyone Actually Know What Time It Is?”

100_7790— Matt Nelson

Out here in Portland we’re working on Pacific Daylight Time of course. So while the UNI game starts at 1:30 in Iowa, it starts at 11:30 out here.

When you work in television, you pay a lot of attention to the clock. Instead of our deadlines for the news being 5:00 and 6:00, they’re 3:00 and 4:00! It takes some getting used to.

Usually I get up for work around 7:30. When I woke up at about the “same time” this morning, it was 5:30.

What’s the best part about working on Pacific Time? The fact that when you cover the NCAA Tournament in the midwest or in the east, the media food availability directly conflicts with newscast time. Out here, the news is already over when it’s time for chow:)

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“Signs, Signs, Everwhere There’s Signs”

— Matt Nelson

Whenever the time comes to head back to Iowa with the UNI Panthers, this sign in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square…will not provide much help.


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